Baking with Mrs Fox

The children had great fun this week baking with Mrs Fox.

The children took turns helping to pour the sugar and butter into the mixture, and then had to very carefully sieve the flour in.
Being very careful so that it didn’t go everywhere.

Next the children had to give the cupcake mixture a really good mix, then finally share the mixture between all of the cake cases ready to go into the oven.

Great teamwork everyone!

Fun in the sun


Well we’ve waited quite some time for some warm, sunny weather and it was very hot indeed last week.

To keep cool we made a shelter using sheets, string and pegs. We thought it was great fun as a den and a place to chill out; we brought the beanbags out to sit and lie on, some of us nearly fell asleep 😄

Miss Hawtin found some ice pops in the freezer and has added more onto the food order; can we have some ice cream too please Miss Hawtin?

Welcome to PAWS

Welcome to our new PAWS blog

Here is a snapshot of some of the fun activities we have been doing in line with school topics and calendar events over the previous and current term.

Look out for more regular posts coming soon.