Keeping Safe

Hello children and parents of PAWS, we hope that you are all okay and staying safe.
We miss seeing you at Breakfast club and After school club everyday.

We thought we would show you what some of our staff in PAWS have been up to.

Mrs Bell painted her girl shed in her garden when we had all of that lovely sunshine, she has done baking- making some wonderful cookies and biscuits and painted a beautiful rainbow to show support for all of the NHS and key worker staff.

Miss Atkins has been going walking for her daily exercise and had a walk around the Arboretum.
Miss Atkins has been doing some healthy cooking for her and her Mom.
For VE day Miss Atkins made a cake. Doesn’t that look delicious?

Miss Appleby celebrated her sisters special birthday, she has been doing video chats with her brother and sister to keep in touch and to see if they are okay and keeping safe.
Miss Appleby has spent some time in the sunshine with her Mom, relaxing and doing gardening, she has done some reading.
What do you think she should read next?
Miss Appleby is missing all of the children in PAWS, and hopes you are all keeping safe and she cannot wait to see you all again very soon.

Mrs Ross has been very busy when she hasn’t been in school, baking different types of bread. They look delicious!
Mrs Ross has also been busy decorating her house.
Mrs Ross is missing seeing all of the smiling faces she sees when she is in PAWS.

Miss Hill is missing all of the children at PAWS, but she want to you know she has been keeping very busy when she’s not been at school.
She has been doing lots of work in her back garden. Looking forward to more lovely weather so that she can have a BBQ with her children.
Miss Hill has also been doing her college work, painting and going on lots of walks up Barr Beacon.

Mrs Fox wants you all to know that she is missing you all too.
While Mrs Fox hasn’t been in school she has been very busy. She painted the shed, fence and the decking in her garden, she has been enjoying doing some pebble painting with her daughters, and taking her mom’s dog for a walk. Mrs Fox said there have been 3 new foals born since Easter. “They are so cute”
Mrs Fox has also enjoyed doing P.E with Joe Wicks “Oh my word, it’s tough isn’t it?”
Mrs Fox hopes you are keeping safe and well and she cannot wait to see you all again.

Miss Faulkner is missing all of the lovely children in PAWS, she hopes you are all keeping safe.
While Miss Faulkner hasn’t been in school, she has been spending time with her beautiful dog Harley. They have been going for nice long walks, then Harley has been having a rest in the sunshine. She celebrated his 6th birthday! They had a little dog party for him.
Do you have any pets? Have you been going for walks with them?

Mrs Murcott has been visiting her grandchildren by talking to them through their windows. She has also recorded some bedtime stories for them and sent them via WhatsApp. Another activity has been lots of gardening and sewing some scrub bags for the NHS. 
Mrs Murcott misses you all very much and can’t wit to see you all again!

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