Crazy Costumes

On Friday night, Some of the children in PAWS had a great time dressing up in some crazy costumes.

They also had fun colouring and playing with the cars.

Baking with Mrs Fox

The children had great fun this week baking with Mrs Fox.

The children took turns helping to pour the sugar and butter into the mixture, and then had to very carefully sieve the flour in.
Being very careful so that it didn’t go everywhere.

Next the children had to give the cupcake mixture a really good mix, then finally share the mixture between all of the cake cases ready to go into the oven.

Great teamwork everyone!

Having fun at PAWS

Over the last few weeks the weather hasn’t been great but the children have been having fun at PAWS.

The children have been cooking in the home corner, dressing up, being so creative with the Lego, playing with the cars and generally having lots of fun with their friends.