Autumn catch-up

Over the last few weeks the children in PAWs have seen the change in the evening sky.

As the dark nights have crept in and the weather is getting colder the children have been enjoying some alternative activities when the weather has been to wet or too cold for them to go outside.

The children have been enjoying drawing and colouring with their friends, completing jigsaws and board games and sharing stories with their peers- some of our older children in particular have been reading stories to some of our younger members of PAWs.

We are looking forward to the run up to Christmas with our lovely children!!

Welcome back!

We would like to welcome all of the children and staff back to PAWs.
We hope everyone had a happy and safe summer break!

Since returning to school, the children in before and after school club have had a change of rooms, however, they have settled into their new room really well!

The children have enjoyed playing in the home corner, playing with stickle bricks, lego and using the giant pegs and boards, the trains and time outside on the playground.

Some of the older children challenged themselves to use the word tiles and see how many words they could make with 20 random letters… I wonder how well you could do against them?

A calm evening at PAWS

This evening the children in PAWS had a really calm evening.
We had children building with the Jenga blocks, playing with the dolls and even some dancing on Just Dance!

Sienna and Diyya gave themselves a challenge to build domino track…

It took them a while to perfect their track! But watch their video to see how well they did!!

Active at PAWS

On Friday night, the children enjoyed some time outside in the PAWS play area in the beautiful sunshine.

They had fun playing ball games, hide and seek and relaxing in the sun.

When the children went inside, they cooled down with a nice cool drink and a tip-top.

Busy at PAWS

The children of PAWS enjoyed a great night of building with the Lego and Duplo, relaxing while looking at book or being very active dancing along to Just Dance!

The children all took turns choosing which songs to dance to!

Artist’s at work

Our budding artists hard at work making a new welcome sign for Paws.

The children enjoyed mixing the paints to make the different colours we needed and also enjoyed sponge painting and adding a sprinkle of glitter.

Welcome Back!!!

It has been wonderful having the children back at PAWS.
The children have enjoyed settling back in over the last few weeks.

The children have enjoyed having time talking and playing with their friends in the home corner, drawing and colouring, playing with the cars and much more.

We look forward to seeing the children over the coming weeks and seeing what they will be getting up to at PAWS.

Welcome back

The staff at PAWs would like to welcome the children back to school after the half term.

We hope that you all had a happy and safe half term break.

We look forward to the next half term with you.