Changing Weather

The weather has been rather annoying the past few weeks.

The children did manage to get out and have some fun in the garden, drawing pictures with chalks and enjoying other games outside.
The children then enjoyed a tip-top to end the day.

When the children haven’t been able to go outside, they have enjoyed painting, free play with the Lego and ‘twister’.


The children have all helped to make our display boards at PAWS look brilliant.

The children have used a variety of materials, colours and paints to create these fantastic pieces of art.

Breaking up for half term

The children enjoyed the last day of this half term playing outside in the lovely weather.

We had chalk drawings, football, some really good balancing and some throwing and catching games with tennis balls.

We hope the children have a lovely restful week off, and can’t wait to see them when we all come back to school on Monday 3rd June 2019.

A Spectacular Creation…

The children of PAWS are up to something… Spectacular.

They have been given a special project for the Pelsall Carnival float this year… I wonder what it could be???

Do you have any ideas???

Happy New Year from all at PAWS!

We’ve gone from summer heatwave to ‘Ice Worlds’ in what seems like a flash. In the meantime PAWS have been having fun, keeping warm with Super movers and Jumpstart Jonny or chilling out with art and games.

☀️☀️ summer fun ☀️☀️

Some of the activities PAWS after school club have been enjoying during this sunny half-term heatwave.

Keeping cool in shady spots, watermelon, ice cream and icy-pops 🍉🍦🍉🍦

Fun in the sun


Well we’ve waited quite some time for some warm, sunny weather and it was very hot indeed last week.

To keep cool we made a shelter using sheets, string and pegs. We thought it was great fun as a den and a place to chill out; we brought the beanbags out to sit and lie on, some of us nearly fell asleep 😄

Miss Hawtin found some ice pops in the freezer and has added more onto the food order; can we have some ice cream too please Miss Hawtin?